TalknSave - Your Cell Phone Company in Israel
TalknSave is proud to be the cell phone company of thousands of people in Israel every year. Our goal is to make your trip to Israel better and easier by connecting you with friends and family in Israel and back home at any time. We are just like you – we've also been tourists and students in Israel, so we understand how critical it is to be in touch wherever and whenever. Whether you keep in touch by talking, texting, emailing, BBMing, tweeting or posting to Facebook - TalknSave has a solution for you. Read below for more about our company and then click "Shop" to make TalknSave your cell phone company in Israel.

Prepare to love your cell phone company
TalknSave is the largest cell phone company in Israel dedicated to tourists, visiting students, tour groups and English speaking residents. We provide the full suite of cellular offerings you expect from a cell phone company including voice, text, data, and wireless internet services. However, all of our customer service, technical support, and communications (documentation, invoices, etc) are provided in clear, concise English – making your interaction with us easy and painless.
We are YOU!
All TalknSave employees are all native English-speakers who can relate to our customers. All of our managers and most of our reps are themselves olim or attended educational programs in Israel - that's first-hand experience that can't be taught. Most importantly, our main customer service center is right here in Israel, meaning we're where you need us, when you need us!

TalknSave was founded in 1999 and since then has provided over 100,000 people with cell phone service in Israel. That's over 100,000,000 minutes of talking and texting.

Designed for YOU!
You're important to us, so what matters to you, matters to us. What are you looking for from your cell phone company - options? Service? Price? All of the above? TalknSave prides itself on having flexible pricing plans and customizable packages to meet every need and budget. Our service professionals are there from early morning until late at night, in our offices or meeting you at the airport to provide you with the phones or services that you need. More than ever before, we’re designing your TalknSave experience based on your needs. You need to know how many minutes you’ve used? We’re the first cell phone company in Israel to give you three different ways to keep track. Need people back home to reach you in Israel? We were the first to provide virtual US numbers on rental phones. And the love just goes on and on.

There for YOU!
TalknSave is a strategic partner with Cellcom and Pelephone, the two largest and most advanced cellular networks in Israel. By providing services on their powerful backbones, we are able to constantly stay ahead of the technological curve and assure our customers of cellular service from the Hermon to Eilat and everywhere in between. Nationwide coverage? 3G and 4G? 100% up time? We can deliver.

Delivered to YOU!
TalknSave has offices on three continents , and a LARGE office in Jerusalem! Around the world TalknSave can ship you a phone or netstick usually within just a few days. Already here in Israel? TalknSave can ship you a phone within HOURS to any hotel or address in Israel (or stop by – we'd love to meet you, and the coffee is excellent)! Coming with a tour group? We can usually meet you at Ben Gurion airport when you land with phones for your whole group.