Avi’s Tips For Your Trip

5 Tips To Make Your Trip Better

Avi Jacobs

This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it is important to make the most of your trip. Here are a view tips that we have found has made the trip better and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. Bring a bathing suit –

Sure Israel seems like a desert but there is a surprising amount of water and water like activities that you will enjoy. From the Mediteranena to Dead Sea and all the springs in between, Israel has some of most beautiful beaches and water springs around

2. Try new foods –

Israel is home to amazing and exotic foods. Even if you have tried Israeli delicacies back home, nothing beats the original. Try a bit of everything your palate deserves it.

3. Cell Service –

Get a SIM card for your phone. You can switch out the SIMs easily without affecting your phone and you will be able to share your pictures and videos instantly. Israel’s 4G coverage is countrywide and you don’t want to miss out


4. Explore –

If you have a few minutes anywhere, just explore the area. Whether walking down ancient alleyways or through budding new neighborhoods, Israel is an amazing place to see new things and meet new people


5. Hydrate –

Don’t miss out on any part of your trip! Israel gets hot and every year tourists dehydrate without even realizing it. Make sure that you bring water everywhere and that you drink. It’s delicious and life saving

Avi Jacobs

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Want to feel truly Israeli during your stay in Israel? We’re sure you’ve already tried falafel and shwarma, so we brought you something different: authentic Israeli food you may have not yet heard of!

1 Halva

There are two types of halva worldwide, with the more popular one in Israel being nut-butter-based: it’s crumbly and sweet and made from tehina. Halva stays fresh over several days and is a fun snack for any situation. Visit The Halva Kingdom in Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem for a variety of halva flavors.

2 Jachnun

Originally brought to Israel by Yemenite Jews, this doughy delight is traditionally eaten on Saturday morning in Yemenite households. Jachnun is baked at a low tempreature for many hours, giving it its sweet flavor and soft flaky texture. You can buy it ready-made or learn to make your own!

3 Shakshuka

Shakshuka, a word which means “mixture” in Hebrew and Arabic, is a classic Israeli breakfast. This dish consists of eggs fried over simmering tomatoes and onions. Israelis love shakshuka so much that there is actually a shakshuka festival! You can get this breakfast almost anywhere, and here’s a fantastic recipe!

4 Sachlav Cham

The word “sachlav” means orchid: traditionally the bulbs of orchids were ground to powder and used to make the warm beverage. Today the drink is made from almonds, milk and sugar and is widely popular during the winter months in Israel. Sachlav is thick and smooth and can be garnished with coconut or peanuts.

Photo by Kmachim Restaurant in Ganei Tikva

5 Sabich

This sandwhich combines a bunch of classic Israeli food in one: pita bread,hummus or tehina, fried eggplant, finely chopped vegetables, and some hard-boiled egg. Sabich first became popular among Jews in Iraq, who then brought it with them when immigrating to Israel. Learn to make it here!

Israel has a rich and beautiful culture – and food is an important factor of every culture! Be sure to get the full Israel experience by trying these delicious Israeli foods. If you love them, you can even make them back at home!