March 20, 2017
IDF military smart watch to measure soldiers' vitals in real time

IDF Smart Watches for Medics

This incredible IDF invention sends a live stream of the incident to the medics off the field, keeping them updated on their soldiers' situation
January 29, 2017
Israeli startup successfully maps genome of wild emmer wheat

Israeli Startup Cracks Wheat Genome

An Israeli startup claims to have cracked the genome of wild emmer wheat, one of the most complex sequences in existence.
January 17, 2017

This Breathalizer Detects Disease Early

This brilliant technology developed by the Technion can detect disease in your breath before the symptoms show up, allowing for early treatment
January 8, 2017
Dr Amit Goffer goes utside standing up for first time using Israeli invention upright wheelchair

UpnRide – The Upright Wheelchair

UpnRide Robotics' upright wheelchair allows paraplegics to stand upright and have an eye-to-eye conversation for the first time
January 4, 2017

IDF, Technology and Education

A glimpse into the Israel Defense Forces' largest training base. Simulators and 3D videos are just a part of the technology used to train the IDF's soldiers