Your access to Wi-Fi will seriously diminish.
Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a data plan.
1Does your school have free Wi-Fi?
Your access to free Wi-fi will be extremely limited if your school does not offer free Wi-Fi.

2Is the Wi-Fi available 24/7?
Most schools have designated hours during which the Wi-Fi will be turned on.

3How strong is the Wi-Fi in your school?
During the designated hours, the entire school will be trying to go online.
When that happens your ability to use Wi-Fi- at normal speeds will decrease.

4Will you have access to a computer?
At home, you have the ability to use your desktop or laptop, which will not be available as often as you are used to. This makes your phone your main device, which means more data usage on your phone.

5How much data do you really need for your year in Israel?
In our experience we suggest a minimum of 16Gb a month for an average student.
If you are an above average user you will need much more.

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