December 5, 2016
Arch of Titus Menorah

This Year, Have a Miraculous Chanukah!

Learn about the most exciting things to do during Chanukah in Israel! Family friendly activities and events that will appeal to adults and children alike
December 7, 2016
poster aluminum show

The Aluminum Show Comes to Jerusalem

This fantastic avante-garde production is coming to Jerusalem! The show uses industrial materials as props and has been called "hypnotic" by reviewers
December 7, 2016
Menorah in box

Festival of Lights – Do it Right

This guide will tell you where to go for the optimal menorah lighting experience in Jerusalem, from the Annual Torch Relay to scenic walking tours
December 7, 2016
phone app stuttering

The Solution to Stuttering

NiNiSpeech, an Israeli startup, developed an app for people who stutter to practice together and alone, making the results from speech therapy last
December 8, 2016
man with snoring device

Silent Partner for a Quiet Life

QuietLife Technologies' product uses a noise-cancellation technology method to ensure you and your whole family get a better night's sleep
December 11, 2016
band shadow splash

Upcoming Live Music Shows

Your guide to the Jerusalem music scene in the months of December and January. Spanning across several genres, don't miss any upcoming events
December 12, 2016
zuta printers

The Incredible Pocket-Sized Printer

The ZUtA Pocket Printer will allow you to print anytime and anywhere, directly from your smartphone. It rolls over the page, printing the words or image
December 12, 2016
cute dog face

Help Israel’s Animals – SPCA Israel

Read about Israel's actions to protect animals and what you can do to help. Find out how to help out, donate, and adopt a pet of your own
December 27, 2016

Let the Water Fall

One of the many things Israel is famous for is its magnificent waterfalls. Here is a partial list of some of the more extraordinary ones
January 2, 2017
Wire Horses Jerusalem background

Product of the Holy Land

It's not surprising that a country filled with so much history and beauty produces such exquisite craftsmanship. Here is some of Israel's incredible art
January 4, 2017

IDF, Technology and Education

A glimpse into the Israel Defense Forces' largest training base. Simulators and 3D videos are just a part of the technology used to train the IDF's soldiers
January 8, 2017
Dr Amit Goffer goes utside standing up for first time using Israeli invention upright wheelchair

UpnRide – The Upright Wheelchair

UpnRide Robotics' upright wheelchair allows paraplegics to stand upright and have an eye-to-eye conversation for the first time
January 12, 2017
colorful ballons

Israel’s Most Special

Read about some of the amazing programs for special needs children and adults, ensuring Israel's most special are given equal opportunities.
January 17, 2017

This Breathalizer Detects Disease Early

This brilliant technology developed by the Technion can detect disease in your breath before the symptoms show up, allowing for early treatment
January 19, 2017
IDF soldier in full gear out in the field smiling

In Support of Our Soldiers

our appreciation for IDF's lone soldiers is boundless. Here are some organizations to assist them and ensure they are given the support they need
January 29, 2017
Woman waves Israei flag with a view of the sea

5 Inspiring Women of Israel

From running companies to making ground-breaking discoveries, their impact reaches far beyond Israel's borders. Read about Israel's inspiring women here
January 29, 2017
black and white Israeli flag against cloudy sky and mountain view

5 Inspiring Men of Israel

Spanning across science, film, Olympic sport, and other important causes, here are just a few of the men who have accomplished amazing things!
January 29, 2017
Israeli startup successfully maps genome of wild emmer wheat

Israeli Startup Cracks Wheat Genome

An Israeli startup claims to have cracked the genome of wild emmer wheat, one of the most complex sequences in existence.
February 2, 2017
Dancer performs during Shaon Horef Jerusalem winter street festival

Shaon Horef – The Sound of Winter

Shaon Horef is Israel's annual winter street festival. Experience dance, art, music, and fashion this winter on the streets of Jerusalem.
February 10, 2017
almond tree is the first to bud in the Israeli winter

Winter in Israel – Tu B’Shvat Special

In Israel, wintertime means everything is beginning to come alive. Here are some of the beautiful trees and birds to look out for in the upcoming months