TalknSave - Your Cell Phone Company in Israel

TalknSave - Your Cell Phone Company in Israel

TalknSave has been offering quality service to individuals and groups traveling to Israel since 1999.

TalknSave is proud to be the cell phone company of thousands of people in Israel every year. Our goal is to make your trip to Israel better and easier by connecting you with friends and family in Israel and back home at any time. We are just like you – we've also been tourists and students in Israel, so we understand how critical it is to be in touch wherever and whenever. Whether you keep in touch by talking, texting, emailing, tweeting or posting to Facebook - TalknSave has a solution for you. Read below for more about our company and then click "Shop" to make TalknSave your cell phone company in Israel.

Yonah Berzon

CEO & Founder

Our job is to provide our customers with an outstanding Israel experience that can be shared.

Yirmi Berzon

COO & Founder

Customers are our #1 concern. We need to see that not only is their service perfect but that we are as well.

Meet Our Team

Dikla Dana

Art Director

You say I dream too big, I say you think too small

Chezky Fishman

Project Manager

Timing is everything

Avi Jacobs

Groups Manager

Teamwork is the road to success

Mia Posner

Logistics Manager

TalknSave was a great provider and is now a great employer!