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*All plans do not include Israeli VAT (17%). All plans are meant for single-users only.
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****1000 Free International Text Messages included with Premium Plan Afterwards, each international text message is 19.9¢
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URJ Kesher
URJ Kesher
URJ Kesher
URJ Kesher
What does TalknSave give you that roaming doesn't?

Local Israeli number

(for security reasons) -

Amazing customer service

in Israel (where you need it most) -

Blazing fast 4G Data

Best 4G in Israel -

Security Network

A mass SMS system for your group -
Stay in touch with everyone you love
with TalknSave
  • Unlimited internet! - First 6Gb at super fast speeds!
  • Bring your Smartphone to Israel!
  • Get a virtual US number making you reachable in Israel!
  • Unlimited talk and text in Israel
  • Unlimited talk to the USA
  • Get personal Wi-fi Hotspots and Netsticks as well!
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