Terms and Conditions

last updated: 13/12/2018

Conditions in this document does not and may not override or contradict any terms found in our purchase Terms and Conditions nor our Privacy Policy.


  1. Program: TalknSave’s myTNS Gold program
    1. It does not refer to myTNS Platinum or any other program or membership that is hosted by TalknSave or its affiliates
  2. Member: an active subscriber/member of the myTNS Gold program
  3. Purchase/s: A single checkout event that may or may not include multiple SIM card rentals or other products
  4. Rental: The renting of individual SIM Cards or Mobile Hotspots.
    1. There can be multiple rentals per purchase
  5. Sign-up Date: the date of purchase
  6. Start Date: the start of the rental period of the SIM rental receiving the benefit

Qualification for the loyalty program benefits

  1. Applicant must have a valid email address
  2. Applicant must accept the terms and conditions mentioned here
  3. Member must remain subscribed to the program to receive benefits

Program Benefits:

  1. Free Sim Card
    1. myTNS Gold member is entitled to one free SIM card for every 4 eligible purchases made
      1. Purchases are considered eligible if they are made more than 32 days after the previous purchase.
    2. The free SIM card offer will not exceed the amount of $100
    3. The Free SIM card benefit will be offered to the member after the 4th purchase in the form of a coupon.
      1. The member must use the coupon at the time of the subsequent purchase in order to claim the benefit.
      2. The  coupon will only work if the member rents only the free sim card in a single purchase.
      3. If the member wishes to rent multiple SIM cards, they must purchase twice: (1) a lone FREE SIM purchase and (2) for normal purchases
  2. Additional 4G LTE Data
    1. Each member is entitled to an additional 5GB of 4G LTE data on any SIM card rental.
    2. This excludes the purchase of Netsticks or Mobile Hotspots.
    3. This benefit will be added automatically before the member’s Start Date

Information Usage:

  1. TalknSave and the myTNS Gold program will not sell or otherwise give the member’s information to any third party without the express permission from the member.
  2. TalknSave will use the member’s information to personalise the content experience in the form of Advertising, Periodic Newsletters, Promotions, Updates, etc.


  1. TalknSave reserves the right to terminate a member at its discretion and without notice.
  2. Member can terminate its membership at any time by unsubscribing from any email containing the myTNS Gold header.