Camp Machanayim

Camp Machanayim

We have designed an Exclusive Plan for your trip!

Check it out and make sure you have everything you need to stay in touch during your trip.

  • Unlimited Calling Plan
  • No Included Data
  • $34.99

  • excluding Israeli VAT (17%)

  • Local Calls: Unlimited

  • Intl' Calling: Unlimited

  • Local Talk: Unlimited

  • Virtual USA Number: Optional

  • Intl' Texting: 19.9¢ per text

  • US Virtual Number: Free!

  • Phone Rental: Free

*All plans do not include Israeli VAT (17%). All plans are meant for single-users only.
**Israel plans are for up to 32 days. Extensions are $3.99/day.
***Check SIM card phone compatibility click here.
****Important information about which calls are included - click here.
*****Please ensure that your phone is unlocked before coming to Israel! Find your unlock instructions here!