How It Works?

1. Choose provider from the list
2. Follow the instructions
3. Start to use your unlocked phone

How It Works? ​

1. Choose provider from the list
2. Follow the instructions
3. Start to use your unlocked phone

Choose Your US Cellphone Company


AT&T can send you unlock instructions upon request

What information do you need?

Your account must be active for 60+ days
You have no unpaid balance
You’ve paid off your full service contract
If you’ve upgraded to a new device, you must wait 14 days before unlocking the previous device

Do you qualify? Click on this link, and you will be directed to a page where you can sign up to have the device unlocked. Within 2 business days, ATT will respond that the device is unlocked.


Take note of Verizon’s new unlock policy since July 19, 2019:

Verizon automatically unlocks their phones 60 days after purchase (from their retail partners).

Most phones purchased prior to July 19th are unlocked.

Want to be 100% sure?

Contact customer care at *611 from your phone in the US


dial 1800-922-0204 from the US or abroad to check the unlock status of your phone.


No problem! Just fulfill the below requirements:

Account must be in good standing
You have not unlocked more than 2 phones in the last year
The account must have been active for 40+ days
All payments on the phone have been made
If under contract, 18 months have passed
No outstanding balance on the line.

Eligible? Great!

Call customer care at 611 from your phone


1-877-453-1304 and they will unlock the device within 2 business days.


(Note- Samsung GS3 can’t be used for GSM service as its CDMA only)

What do you need to get your phone internationally unlocked?

– The device can be unlocked
– The account holder is requesting the unlock
– The account has been active for 50+ days
– You have not unlocked another device in the past year
– The phone must be fully paid off

Eligible? Great!

For more information on Sprint’s unlocking policy, click here!

Contact international customer care via chat or email from or call 888-226-7212.

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