Is there anything else I need to know when using my Smartphone with TalknSave?

For your Smartphone to work in Israel with a TalknSave SIM card your phone must be unlocked and compatible with our service.

How can I unlock my Smartphone?

How do I know if my Smartphone is compatible?

Once in Israel, please disable roaming and any TDMA/CDMA service before using our SIM card.

If you have any confusion about compatibility, please check your phone’s manual, or call your phone retailer.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee compatibility of outside phones. Cancellation of a SIM card rental due to locking or inadequate compatibility will be subject to a $15 cancellation fee if brought to our attention before the rental starts.

Once you are in Israel you will need to adjust your smartphone settings, please see our online user guide for setting up your smartphone here.


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