How do I keep track of my data usage on my phone?

If you would like to check your data usage directly from your Smartphone then the way to do it changes depending on your model.

For Androids, you can check your usage by going to Settings>Networks>Data(usage).

You should then change the dates on top of the chart shown to the dates of your data cycle.

For iPhones, you can check your usage by going to Settings>Cellular.

On the very bottom of this page, you will see an option to Reset Cellular statistics.

If you select this option on the day your data is reset(the first day of your data cycle) then it will calibrate your iPhone to show you the data usage going forward.

If you don’t want to change the data cycle dates on your smartphone, then you can track your data online by logging in to your account at MyTalknSave.

Once you are logged in select the Rental you would like to check the data usage on and it will show you the amount you have used.

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