Mesivta of Las Vegas

Mesivta of Las Vegas

Special for Mesivta of Las Vegas: New flat rate!

  • Unlimited Calling Plan
  • No Included Data
  • $34.99

  • excluding Israeli VAT (17%)

  • Local Calls: Unlimited

  • Intl' Calling: Unlimited

  • Local Talk: Unlimited

  • Virtual USA Number: Optional

  • Intl' Texting: 19.9¢ per text

  • US Virtual Number: Free!

  • Phone Rental: Free

All plans do not include Israeli VAT (17%). All plans are meant for single-users only.
Israel plans are for up to 42 days. Extensions are $3.99/day.
Important information about which calls are included - click here.
Please ensure that your phone is unlocked before coming to Israel! Find your unlock instructions here!