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November 29, 2017
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December 11, 2017
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Enjoy These Amazing DIY Hanukkah Crafts
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Very soon we will be celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah. Candles, Hanukiyot (Hanukkah Menorahs / Hanukkah lamps), doughnuts and dreidels (spinning tops) are being sold everywhere in Israel. This also comes with the annual midweek-Hanukkah Dreidel boredom.  I hear from grownups every year, “five minutes and they’re done with dreidel”. Either I’m an infant or you guys aren’t playing right. You don’t have to play the dreidel game and only the dreidel game. So I began to think about easy DIY Hanukkah projects that everyone can enjoy. Here are our top picks!!!

DIY Hanukkah Menorah From Cardboard Tubes

Here is a fun DIY menorah that’s just plain cute that can be customized in so many ways. It’s a fun craft that gives younger toddlers the chance to safely “light” their candles each evening. They also have the opportunity to play a role in your family’s holiday traditions. You could also make this Hanukah menorah from toilet paper rolls or cardboard tubes that the kids decorate first. You could also cut and give them to the kids to decorate. Or enjoy them as it is! Weeks before Hanukkah I planned to make a Chanukkiyah out of toilet roll tubes. Then I saw one made by Creative Jewish Mom which was so elegant I nearly gave my plans away!

Actually, although I originally intended to link the tubes together, it is currently a loose collection of “candles” which can be arranged however the mood takes you.

DIY Dreidel Garland

Speaking of cool dreidels, we adore these spinning dreidel mobiles featured on Joyful Jewish! Though these sweet paper cutouts were purchased on Etsy, we think that you could also make your own by taking a large piece of posterboard or construction paper. Once you have your dreidel outlines, trace and cut out the various sizes, put your kiddos to work on bedazzling them with colors! Markers, stickers, and glitter all go! Then hang them on a string to watch them twirl throughout the holiday. If you’re worried about getting your various sizes correct, never fear — work with what you have to create your own styles. Who says mini hanging dreidels can’t be just as cool?

Alternatively, if you’re too busy to begin from scratch, you’re in luck! The design for these fabulous mobiles comes from Sara Rivka at Creative Jewish Mom. I  also found that the dreidels would often turn to reveal the plain white reverse side, so I recommend decorating them with a Magen David sticker in the middle and some text around the outer shape: a homage to the traditional dreidel decoration of the Hebrew letters Nun Gimel Hey Shin which stand for the sentence Nes Gadol Hayah Sham – a great miracle happened there.

The best part of these cards is the movement – the slightest breeze makes them swirl around, and if you blow on them, they spin like crazy!

Construction Paper Menorah

Another fun way to share your Hanukkah spirit with neighbors, friends, and family, is with this stained glass menorah featured on Upper West Side Mom. Which is sure to brighten up your family’s chag with plenty of beautiful hues! The best part is just how easy it is to make using construction paper, colorful tissue paper, and glue, this is an easy project for craft-lovin’ kiddos and one that’s sure to be enjoyed by all throughout your chag.

Colorful DIY Menorah

Makezine featured this simple yet stunning homemade menorah by Diane Gilleland — what a bright idea! This colorful, modern take on the Hanukkah menorah is great for small spaces, and crafts up very quickly. Tissue paper lends a beautiful mosaic look. A perfect holiday project for younger kids to help create, these candle holders get their lively hues from colorful tissue paper that’s coated with matte and/or shimmer Modge Podge. And the best part — once your family’s Hanukkah celebration has come to an end, these decorative candles can be used throughout the year as needed in your home. A holiday gift that truly keeps on giving!

Popsicle Hanukkah Decorations

Sara at Creative Jewish Mom is at it again with her clever cute Hanukkah ideas — these DIY popsicle stick decorations are the perfect find for adding a little bit of extra color to this year’s celebration. To make your own, simply collect some colorful popsicle sticks (or color your own with markers, dye, or stickers) and get to work on gluing together your pieces for fun Hanukkah imagery, big and small. You can also try out making one of the most widely recognised symbols of Judaism the beautiful Star of David, which makes it a great symbol to use when decorating your home for the holidays. These Star of David buntings can also be used for all sorts of different holidays and just recently made more ready for Hanukkah. The buntings are easy to make and leave lots of room for creativity and individualisation.

I hope that you enjoy these creative DIY Hanukkah crafts. Stay tuned for the DIY steps for each activity. Of course, since it is Hanukkah we can’t wait for you to post the yummiest DIY Hanukkah treats that your entire family can scarf down.  
Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
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