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Here’s Why Every Vegan Foodie Must Visit Tel Aviv



We all know that Tel Aviv is a world-famous foodie city, but here’s something you might not know: Tel Aviv is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world! The days when vegan food meant a bowl of greens are over! Today you can find in almost every restaurant innovative, delicious and nutritious vegan options, from the basic salads and sandwiches to more elaborate dishes So whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or just love trying new things, you have to check out the restaurants in our guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv. So, here is our selection of the trendiest vegan spots in Tel Aviv.


tel aviv goes vegan


Anastasia- Savor The Moment

Anastasia is the perfect place to tip the balance if your still not sure about going vegan. First of all, the place offers a huge terrace in the middle of Frishman streets. From the moment you lay eyes on Anastasia, you will feel at home. Everything is in superabundance at this spacious café: from the light shining through the windows to the health-savvy staff and the extensive menu of vegan, raw and gluten-free options and uber-nutritious dishes. Their unique and tasty menu includes: a sweet potato quiche with a spelt filled crust filled with a lush walnut-based cheese (to die for).  Buttery lima beans and Jerusalem artichokes, all served with lightly-toasted bruschetta. Also try out their towering salads boasting carefully-selected fresh vegetables and immune-boosting ingredients.


Vegan Foodie TLV

Nanchuka–Foodie Fun

Vegan people are cool and they are proving it once again! Nanuchka is one of the most popular bars in Tel Aviv and a couple of years ago they chose to become the first vegan, Georgian Bar/Restaurant in Tel Aviv. Enjoy new-to-you flavors and fresh-from-the-oven Georgian pastries and breads, as well as chinkalis, Georgian dumplings and stuffed vegetables.
You can also find a colorful menu with a tasty Georgian panache – zucchinis stuffed with bulgur and souffles made with mushrooms instead of ground beef. And if after stuffing yourself you feel like dancing or grabbing a drink head over to the bar to finish off your night.


Love Vegan--Love TLV

 Tenat–A Taste Of Africa

Take a trip to Africa with this small, funky Ethiopian vegan restaurant. It may be situated in a rundown area of the city, but the food here is well worth the trip. The food is always fresh and made with love right after order taken that’s the reason it may take time until it served but don’t worry it’s worth every minute waiting. Specialities include the injera (Ethiopian flatbread with a spongy texture) plates, served with salad, fava beans and spices, plus the freshly squeezed beetroot and carrot juices. Their food is amazing, the atmosphere is reminiscent to eating a home cooked Ethiopian meal. If you make it there on a Monday you’re in for a musical treat as they have a live jazz band.


taste africa in tlv

24 Rupees–A Taste Of India

24 Rupees serves up home-style Indian food in an authentic and cozy ambiance. Nestled away on the outskirts of Florence in South Tel Aviv, this little gem is a fan favorite among the locals. Make sure to take off your shoes when you enter and sit on a colorful cushion on the floor, just like in India. Eating here is a special experience you don’t want to miss out on, even if you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian. They serve a variety of small dishes (thali) that change from day to day, that you can wash down with a warm cup of chai. You can even take home a pack of their special mix if you like!


A Taste Of India--In TLV--Vegan Foodie


416–Hipster Heaven

416 is probably the coolest dining experience in Tel Aviv at the moment. This New York style restaurant has a creative menu and an inspiring setting perfect for groups or even if you want to go on a hot date and zip trendy cocktails at the bar. Every cocktail has its match, and here you’ll find innovative comfort food from a meatless shawarma to a creamy green risotto with edible flowers. The whole city is talking about the meatless steak that comes in a giant pan and the cocktails that are all made with fresh juices and local ingredients. 416 proves that being vegan is hipper than ever.


Vegan is Trendy TLV Life


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If you know of other Israeli restaurants with impressive vistas, share them in the comments, we’d love to hear about them.

Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
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