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An Insider’s Story: The Hidden Events Over Sukkot


Wow, another holiday. Not a surprise during this time of the year, There’s just so many of them!

Anyways, Sukkot, is a special and fun time for myself and it’s even better spending it in Israel. Where you’ll see a plethora of special Sukkahs. Often built out of old sheets and some wooden poles to hold it all together, many people invite their friends and family to visit, and even eat meals in the sukka.


Sukkot, is, by far, the best part of the season for activities. There are all kinds of events and places to visit, including museum exhibits, concerts, national parks and beaches and are pretty easy on the wallet. This article will give you a unique guide on the must do’s to celebrate Sukkot in Israel.  

Take in Sukkot

“Fly Your Kite Over the Skies of Jerusalem”

If you’re looking to make the most of Jerusalem’s glorious October weather, I would suggest heading over and checking out the Israel Museum for some one of a kind kite-making and craft workshops while getting yourself acquainted with some professional kite-flyers. You then fly your own kite in the fabulous Art Garden, can you just imagine the warm wind blowing on your face as a child as you joyfully ran and soared with your kite. Also let’s not forget some amazing live music and of course good vibes!

“Sit Back and Relax While Munching on Popcorn”

If you’re looking into enjoying  some amazing movies over the holiday ( I mean who isn’t up for a movie)? You should check out the annual Haifa Film Festival, which features some awesome local and international flicks; while sitting outside and enjoying the midnight sky. If you’re more into something funky, check out Haifa’s Film Festival: Rock in Gan Haem. This extraordinary outdoor concert is free, yes I did say it… free! And ranges from the Israeli rock band Ethnix to The Balkan Beat Box.

“Feeling Like Getting In Touch With Nature and Love Music?”

You’re in luck because one of the best music festivals in Israel returns this year to the shores of the Dead Sea – the 2017 Tamar Festival! This year begins its 18th year and is still as excellent as ever and as usual runs for FOUR days over the Sukkot holiday next to the Dead Sea. The festival features performances from some of Israel’s biggest bands and singers, as well as wonderful nights under the desert stars, gorgeous sunrises over Masada, and the stunning gardens at Ein Gev and Kikar Sdom. Check out this link for more info and details. I know that you will thank me for this priceless experience.


“Love to Bike: You’re Right In Time For Sovev Tel Aviv”

The bicyclist in you will be delighted to know of yet another great biking event – in fact, the biggest cycling event in Israel – Sovev Tel Aviv! This amazing annual event just happens to coincide with pleasant weather for taking a ride in. This event offers you three different routes to choose from: The 8Km route for beginners or families, the 21Km route for cyclers in good shape, the 40km route for experienced riders, and the master­-cycling route of 60 Km.

If this isn’t your cup of tea you will have most of the streets to yourselves.  With the boulevards of Tel Aviv, the Ayalon freeway, and the beach front.

For cycling lovers this is the festival of the year!


“Introducing For The First Time In Israel: Trash People”

Trash People is a spectacular exhibition that dives into the underworld of recycling. This exhibition has around 500 unique human figures that are all made from scraps of waste, metal, plastic and glass for a start. So you are here just in time to be able to stand upon what was once a huge mountain of garbage, now re transformed (just for this exhibition) into the massive pile of garbage it once was. As you stand on top of this huge mountain gazing out at the spectacular view of the Dan Region–while at the same time viewing awe inspiring displays of waste from all around the world.



Looking forward to hearing your feedback, maybe other cool activities that you found during Sukkot!

P.S. Don’t forget about our special Sukkot Contest!

Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
Beth is a former Upper Westsider, who made aliyah 8 years ago. She is a coffee addict and a lover of classical rock. Beth is the content and marketing manager at talknsave, in that order.

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