How do I return my equipment?

SIM card

If you got a SIM card then you don’t have to return it!

You can also use it again for any other trips to Israel you might be planning.

For long term\Student accounts only: SIM cards do not need to be returned but you must let us know that you wish to end your service so we can close your account.

Email us at to tell us!

Rental Phone\MIFI\Netstick 

For equipment received on short-term plans, you would need to send it back to the location you received it from by dropping the phone off there.


We strongly discourage returning Smartphones back in the mail.

It can be returned to the office in person.

Please note that if you do decide to mail back a Smartphone, it must be sent via registered mail with insurance in case something happens.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for phones getting lost in the mail, and the customer is responsible for the equipment until it arrives in our office.

For equipment received on long-term plans, such as student plans, you would need to return it in Israel, regardless of where you received it.

For further information on returning your equipment, please check out our returns page here.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us before returning your equipment to avoid any unnecessary fees.



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