Go to the Short-term plans on our website.

Select your start date and end date by clicking on the grey area and choosing your date on the calendar, these dates must be the total of at least 7 days.

After you have selected your dates the total amount of the plan according to those dates will be shown in red below each plan.

Now select which plan you would like according to the amount of data you would like for the duration of your trip by selecting order now.

Select the number of orders you are placing with this plan.

Select your equipment in the drop-down (How do I reactivate my old TalknSave SIM card?)

Whether you would like to rent a Smartphone, buy a basic phone, or a SIM card for your unlocked smartphone (How do I know if my phone is unlocked?)

Select if you would like to add on either a Stay Local number (What is a Stay Local number?) or International Texting to your plan.

When adding a Stay Local number please select your country.







If you do not want either of them then click on the option “No, Thank you”.

Once you have selected everything according to your preferences click next.

Fill in your billing information. use the drop down when selecting your country, and state.

 Select your Shipping method, If the option is grey then it is not available for the item you would like to be sent to you (i.e. smartphones can only be shipped in the USA, picked up at Lawrence or the Jerusalem office)


If you are having something delivered to you select which address you will be using as well as the date you will be leaving this address.

If you are using a different address fill out the details for the new address (If you are using an Israeli address then make sure there is an Israeli number for our carriers in Israel to call)

Choose a payment method.

Once all the information is filled out select next.

If you would like any accessories or mobile data devices, then select it on the next page, and we will add it to your order.

If you don’t want any accessories then you may skip this page by pressing next.

Final review of your order.

Select that you agree to the terms of service.

Select “Place your order”.



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