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July 31, 2017
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“Missing Coffee: Don’t Stress”


Coffee is a drink that always brings friends together—at sidewalk cafes. On an open veranda, in a chic little spot in the city—it’s a time to talk with your friends, relax with your co-workers, or tap away at laptops. Finding the right coffee shop is key, since each type of coffee shop creates a different kind of environment.

So, whats new today in the world of coffee in Israel? Today in both Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, you can find quality coffee shops which view coffee as a quality artisanal product. These shops sell only the best coffee on the market today, in addition to that they also roast their own beans. In my experience these are the top coffee shops that will remind you of home and also give you an amazing coffee experience. This blog will divulge all of the best places to grab a great cup of coffee just like back home.

Coffe and Freinds...Nothing Better!


This unique coffee shop specializes in the artisan of specialty coffee. It was named “the best cup of coffee in the country” by Haaretz This micro-roastery is located in Levinsky market, in Tel-Aviv, it really is the perfect space for this shop. The Levinksy market, is located in the trendy area of Florentin—which brings together the market’s blend of family owned restaurants and new local business. Cafelix, is the perfect spot to get together with some friends and just relax and talk over an enjoyable cup of coffee.

Great Life


Is said to be a “re-born legend”. After taking a hiatus, they are back and said to be better than before. The shop serves as a combined artist home as well as a coffee shop.  The workshop creates an atmosphere that combines your love of food while at the same time is able to connect you with roots.  I would love to check it out, sounds like a great place to get together with some friends. So, let me know if you enjoyed yourself.

Nothing Better

“Tmol Shilshom”

What makes Tmol Shilshom unlike any other coffee shop in Jerusalem.  It’s a combination of a bookstore and café located in a hidden courtyard off Yoel Soloman Street. It’s amazing that this jem has existed for 20 years. The café is covered wall to wall with books, it’s like taking a step back in time, the chairs, couches, the arches and even the lighting all take you back to a vintage period. This classical coffee shop is defiantly a great place to get together with some friends, or just choose from their vast array of books and chill by yourself.

Take it Easy

“Trumpeldor Cafe”

Okay, so I have to confess, I’m obsesses with ice café. Not the American –Dunkin Donuts type of ice café, but the real stuff—packed with sugar and all things delicious. Okay, so I have tried out all the usual suspects, Aroma, Café Café, Cofizz, however they all fail to live up to my dream ice café. A good ice-coffee isn’t too heavy on the caffeine and finds a good balance between the creaminess and sweetness it has to offer. Recently, while running some errands I came across a quaint café on the corner of Bezalel and Trumpeldor Street, as you can guess called the Trumpeldor. The sweet owner served me just the perfect ice café. She served her ice coffee in a tall glass, and it was the perfect balance of richness, sweetness, creaminess and caffeine – well worth the 19 NIS.


Okay, so you’re not into coffee (I don’t know how?!), don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the non-coffee drinkers. Check out, Jerusalem’s Tea House and Shop.

“Halitatea: Special’tea Shop”

In my mind I can comprehend that not everyone enjoys coffee as much as I do (What!) But, okay, I’m an open minded person. For some people there’s nothing better than a good cup of tea. I have witnessed firsthand how everything can look better after a good cuppa. Nobody knows a their way around a perfect cup of tea, like Halitatea. Even the name of the café screams “I know Tea”, as it’s literal translation means an infusion of tea leaves. If you need a break from your coffee schedule this is a must place to try out.

Take a Cuppa

I really enjoyed sharing my top secret places to grab a coffee or even a tea with a friend. Relax, catch up and just enjoy the homey feeling of that perfect coffee shop, that you have been craving since you arrived.

Let me know how these cafes rank with what your used to at home.

Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
Beth is a former Upper Westsider, who made aliyah 8 years ago. She is a coffee addict and a lover of classical rock. Beth is the content and marketing manager at talknsave, in that order.

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