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The Must Have Apps To Get Around Like A Local


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Switching off your phone (or leaving it behind) is a definite possibility when coming to Israel on holiday. But let’s face it, with the amazing variety of smartphones you’re now only a tap away from discovering something new, grabbing a delicious bite to eat, or sharing some of your  vacation days with friends and family back home (because once you’ve checked out some of the must-see attractions in Israel, you’ll be sharing left, right and center!)…

So here are the essential apps that you really should have when you start thinking about that trip to Israel.

Inside Guide To Feel Like A Local

“Tap and Pay”

Planning to rent a car when you come to Israel? Thankfully there is an app that takes all the stress out of paying enough or getting a ticket that the locals use called Pango. Are you running late for dinner? Or maybe you’re already out enjoying a good meal out and want to extend your parking? No problem. Pango lets you pay and park even if you’ve already parked your car, it even reminds you to stop the parking app when your car starts to move.

As a tourist, you will need to wait until you have a local number before you can download and use this revolutionary app. Which is why getting a local sim is definitely worth your while when you’re in Israel. Check out TalknSave for more info and deals for getting a local sim.

Tap Pay And Go

“Connecting You To Events Like A Local”

So it’s a Thursday night (which is like sat night in the rest of the world). You want to go out, maybe grab a drink, but you really don’t want to go to that touristy place that everyone told you about. Check out Evenbrite, this cool new app will help you navigate the must-see events relating to business, society, arts, culture, music and of course the top night spots in Israel.  Event listing on this app includes both gatherings that require registration and fee payment and networking opportunities that are free of charge, such as panel presentations and cultural events. Thanks to its smooth integration with the city map, the sheer variety of the events it covers and the streamlined registration process for networking opportunities, Eventbrite provides an effective interface for Israel’s event circuit.

Stay Connected Like An Israeli

“Drivers Breaking the Rules? Get Your Revenge”

Are you worried about those “crazy” Israeli drivers? Road bullying? Traffic violations? Accidents? Are you tired of seeing that sticker that says “How am I driving”, I mean come on no one ever wants to take the time to actually call the number on the sticker? Fear no more! Download this revolutionary app Nirsham, which has a designated camera that can work in two modes, “pedestrian” or “driver.” When in pedestrian mode, the user needs to press and hold down the shutter button, which will produce a continuous series of photographs of the incident until it is over. Now you can drive along with those “Insane” Israeli drivers while feeling safe and secure on the road.

Drive Like A Pro-Israel Tech

“DIY Tel Aviv: Your Alternative Guide to Israel’s Chillest City”

DIY Tel Aviv is hailed as the guide that starts where other guides end. Independent, opinionated and brutally honest at times, DIY Tel Aviv is a modern travel guide for people who love discovering new cities. This app will show you the real Tel Aviv so you can experience the city like a true local. Oh, and it’s actually fun to read, too! Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about Tel Aviv’s world-famous nightlife scene, foodie hotspots, and café culture. It’s updated frequently to keep up with the city’s notoriously fast pace. There’s also in-depth information about shopping, activities, art, and other useful tourist essentials. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Feel Like A Local-TLV

“Waze: Travel Wisely”

If you’re going to be driving around in Israel, this Israeli-created app is a MUST. Waze is a community-based driving app, meaning other drivers out there have posted updates, including police traps (which have saved my bacon on a number of occasions) and reports of heavy traffic. It’s a great navigational tool, with a useful GPS engine that will help you out if you don’t know where you’re heading in Israel.

Save Time-Get Around

“Become Your Own Guide”

Let’s face it, the Old City of Jerusalem is one of the places you’re more than likely going to squeeze in on your visit to Israel. And what better way to enjoy the twists and turns of the Old City than with the Old City Walking Tours app. You have to download each tour before you begin, but they only take a few seconds to get up and running. The tours and maps can be downloaded free of charge from the website and offer you a wide variety of options. It also includes explanations in English, Russian and Hebrew, as well as video, text files, and even games. Now you can get geared up with all the knowledge that you need to become your own tour guide. Enjoy!

Become Your Own Guide

“TeloBike: Made Just For Tel-O-Fun Fans”

Are you an avid user of Tel-O-Fun bicycle service in Tel Aviv and its surroundings? Then this app is for you. TelOBike is the best assistant app for all of the Tel-O-Fun bikers out there! With this app, you can easily find the nearest Tel-O-Fun station and check its status quickly and easily! This app is basically one-stop shopping, it updates you on the current number of available bicycles and free poles for each Tel-O-Fun station it also gives you a quick search with auto-completion of any Tel-O-Fun bicycle station and creates a list of your favorite stations for quick access.


Go Green-Go TLV

These are just some tricks I found helpful, but I would love to hear what worked for you? What are some things that you have tried that you found incredibly efficient that maybe wasn’t mentioned above?

Please comment, share or pin and of course comment with your ideas, suggestions or experiences!

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