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A large part of having an epic travel experience is by connecting with people—travelers and locals alike! Much of the friends you’ll connect with you’ll meet at the common rooms of your hostel. Israel’s welcoming and familial atmosphere will make you feel right at home no matter where you come from. Here are some of the popular hostels across Israel to consider for your upcoming Israel trip.

shared hostel dorm in Israel

1. The Green Backpackers- Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is the natural choice for those travelers looking for some warm desert adventures! To make the most out of your Mitzpe experience, the Green Backpackers hostel has become a popular choice among tourists. It’s located at the edge of town, which makes it easy to reach the Ramon crater, food shops, and national parks. You can be sure that the hostel’s staff will provide you with maps, information, and activity recommendations to maximize the fun. Also, the facility is eco-friend, has free WiFi, laundry service, free parking, towel rentals, a common kitchen and living room. You’re sure to enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in this Negev‘s bit of Paradise.

Poike in Israel green backpackers hostel in mitzpe ramon in the negev in Israel

2. Dead Sea Adventure Hostel- Arad

The Dead Sea Adventure Hostel is a great base to explore the Israeli wilderness, located in the small town of Arad. You can easily access the Dead Sea, tour Masada, and more of the Judean Desert.  The hostel is located nearby hiking trails, running and cycling paths, canyons and mountains. The convenient location is in reach of public transportation to practically any destination in Israel. For a small-town urban exploration, you’ll find restaurants, pubs, grocery shops, and an art quarter. The hostel also organizes social events, hummus workshops, stargazing activities, and Poike nights. Services include free WiFi, tea, information, maps stand, and consultation for hiking in the desert, laundry service, outdoor gear rental, bike rental, and more. Here’s a fun perk: come with 2 bottles of traditional hard alcohol from your country and get a discount on your stay!

girl smiling with dead sea mud on her face lying down on the beach face front to the camera - israel

3. Abraham Hostels- Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth  

Abraham Hostels has become extremely popular in the past few years. They operate in three touristy locations: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth. Each of these hubs provides a unique cultural atmosphere due to their different location. For instance, the Tel Aviv location has a hipster vibe thanks to its artsy persona. In the Nazareth location, you will enjoy an oriental atmosphere given that the building is a 200-year-old Arab mansion. And Jerusalem’s location is designed in a blend of old mid-east symbolism with contemporary Israeli personality. Of course, each hostel offers tours of the city you’re in as well as different parts of the country you’d like to explore as well. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, common lounges, AC, and complimentary breakfasts. The common areas include a fully stocked bar and common lounges where you can meet new friends- local and global!

4 owners of abraham hostels in israel

4. Cinema Hostel- Jerusalem

The Cinema Hostel is a fun traveler’s old-time-Hollywood-glamour lair right in the heart of Jerusalem. It’s located in a walking distance from both the old and new parts of the Holy City. They offer affordable living space for shared and private rooms with a fun twist. Each room is themed on a different movie giving you a nostalgic atmosphere of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Apparently, the hostel’s building preserved its historical landmark because that it used to be a movie theatre back in the 1930s till its close in the 1990s. Amenities include complimentary breakfast, 24/7 service, dorms include a night light, toilets, AC and, free Wifi. Who said you can’t “live in a movie” once in a while?

cinema hostel in jerusalem

5. Florentine Hostel- Tel Aviv

The Florentine Hostel has a young and vibrant personality. It’s small and comfy that gives travelers a homey feeling. Guests will enjoy a shared and cozy indoor lounge, a fully equipped communal kitchen, and the spacious rooftop terrace. The hostel is located in the hipster neighbourhood of Florentine. You have the option of free breakfast, coffee and tea, towels and linen, WiFi, and computers. Dorms include all-female rooms, shared mixed, as well as private dorms. If Hip is your thaaang– you found your spot!

Florentine hostel in tel aviv - guests sitting around having a good time on the porch

6. Port Inn- Haifa

Port Inn is a conveniently located hostel right in the heart of Haifa. It’s really close to the train station Haifa Center-HaShmona and about a 5 minutes’ walk from Haifa’s port and a walking distance from restaurants and shops. Other than its supreme location, the hostel will provide you with everything you need to make you feel at home. First, the common rooms all have a welcoming Middle Eastern and Arabic eclectic style. The hostel offers a variety of accommodations anywhere between private to shared rooms. It’s perfect for traveling families, couples, and independent backpackers. Also, you get a complimentary Israeli breakfast (Yum!), AC in each room, free WiFi, and just a chill vibe all around! The staff will provide you with free maps of the city and all the relevant information to help you get around easily. Haifa is definitely a must-see place (Hint: it has the Bahai Gardens!)

port inn hostel in Haifa


Getting around Israel couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re a family, a couple on vacation, an individual on business, or a backpacker touring the Mid-East, Israel has many different kinds of accommodation that’ll fit you and your travel style! One thing is guaranteed: you’ll be equipped with some Israeli slang that you may (or may not) use when you get back home 🙂

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