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5 Extraordinary Restaurants In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv


Israel has some delicious and beautiful eateries, with rich menues and often interesting historical surroundings. Among these restaurants are several that stand out as being especially unique – promising not only delightful dishes but also an unusual and memorable experience. Following are a few of those restaurants that bring something new to the table.


This fantastic restaurant is filled with the flavor of Moroccan authenticity, complete with costumes and original design. Much of the decoration items were actually imported from Morocco, so that entering the restaurant is like stepping right into Casablanca. The seating area is spacious and comfortable, and the menu is filled with a delectible selection. Get some real Moroccan couscous, or lamb spiced in a way only Moroccans know how. Find out more info on Darna’s website.

Darna in Jerusalem is a Moroccan theme restaurant where the waiters dress in traditional Moroccan garb



Rainbow is a hugely popular burger place in Tel Aviv. Its delicious taste and popularity makes it hard to believe that the burgers are in fact meatless. This restaurant is entirely vegan, and is frequented by meat lovers and vegans alike. Rainbow also serves Shawarma and kebabs, made of mushrooms and other plant-based meat alternatives. Diners tend to marvel at how close the flavor is to “the real thing.” Here are some reviews and contact details.

Rainbow in Tel Aviv is a popular burger joint and all of the food is vegan


The Green Cat

HaHatul Hayarok, or the Green Cat, is no ordinary pizza place: here you may find unique pizza toppings such as artichoke, spinach, and baked yam. Like Rainbow, the food is vegan! In fact, it is the first vegan pizzeria in the country. Their delicious signature “cheese” made from a secret recipe is cashew-based and tastes just like mozzarella. Aside for the cheese, their specialty is freshness of all the products. Read more about the Green Cat pizzeria here.

Green Cat pizzeria has interesting toppings and the cheese is completely vegan


Kanki Sushi & Wine Bar

Considered by many to serve the best sushi in Tel Aviv, this may be the only place in Israel where you can get melted cheese in your sushi! The specials include cream cheese and other types of cheeses rolled up along with the rice and veggies and fish, and then fried. There are several Japanese traditional dishes, and there’s even a kids’ meal. Choose between indoor and outdoor seating, and enjoy the delicious food! Here is the contact information, address, and hours.

Kanki suhsi near bograshov beach in Tel Aviv serves a sushi roll with melted cheese



BlackOut Dark Restaurant, otherwise known as the “Blind Restaurant,” will provide a truly one of a kind experience. Here you will order, be served, and eat all in complete darkness. Moreover, many of the people serving and cooking are blind. In an environment of total darkness, your various other senses will become sharper. Not being able to see your food promises an extraordinary culinary experience. Make advance reservations to BlackOut here.

Blackout restaurant hires blind waiters and diners eat in pitch black darkness

Every single one of these amazing restaurants is worth a visit! Now you know where to find both delicious food and a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience.

Which of these are you going to eat at first? Tell us about it in the comments!


Shira Koenigsberg
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira is American-Israeli and currently lives in Jerusalem. She enjoys yoga, red wine, and good books. Her literary influences include JK Rowling, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Dylan, and Dr Seuss.

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