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Time and money spent on a break with friend and family are always worth the investment. But now that the summer vacation and Jewish holidays are over, you’ve probably noticed a change in your jeans and bank size. They’re usually expressed when the former grows as the latter shrinks. Don’t despair! To help you do some weight and financial damage-control, here are 5 activity options to work out those extra calories for free. If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership, there are a few alternatives you can explore at the great Israeli outdoors…

Outdoor Gyms

If you like the gym, but watching a full room of potential Mr. Universes isn’t exactly your thing, outdoor gyms are a great alternative. You will have a satisfying amount of equipment at the park as you enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor gyms and exercise parks are spread throughout the country and easy to find. It is also very likely you’ll find them nearby a children’s playground. So, if you’re a parent, you can have a pre-bedtime workout with your children too! Exert their excess energy before bed as you shrink those love-handles from Rosh Hashanah.

outside gym for a free workout session in israel to save money on a gym membership in israel

Beach Exercise

Israel is a tiny country on the coast of the Mediterranean. No matter where you are in Israel you probably live anywhere between a 2-minute to a 60-minute distance away from the beach (walk or drive). So, if you think about it, it’s quite convenient. The ocean’s proximity is known to carry a positive influence on our mental state too. A run or walk on the coast of the Mediterranean relaxes you soul as you strengthen your cardiovascular endurance.


working out on the beaches of israel to get ris of the exis calories accumulated from the jewish holidays and summer vacation

Biking in the Negev or Galilee 

In case you’re looking to change your workout routine, biking in Israel is growing in its popularity. It’s a fun sporting and leisure activity for both residents and tourists. On nice weekends people will drive to trails in different parts of the country and bike in their favorite locations. Many people also meet up with biking groups for their weekly rides. In the Negev Desert, great efforts were invested to create different biking lanes to convenient bikers of all levels of experience. Biking in the Galilee region offers roads of valleys and hills that give you a European atmosphere. If you don’t own a bike, you’re able to rent them out easily anywhere across the country and also by biking sites.

biking in israel in Mitzpe Ramon. A post holiday workout.

Boardwalk ‘Tayelet’ Workout

Every city in Israel has a promenade or a ‘tayelet’ that are designated for casual strolls, jogging, and exercise. If you live on the beach you will definitely enjoy the ocean view and salty scent as you get your pulse up and running. If you live inland, there are tayalot (tayelet in plural) in every city which are designed for you exercise junkies. Many Israeli cities also pride themselves in ‘going healthy’. So, you may spot marks on your running route that points out you’re at a designated area for exercise.

two guys running at the tel aviv promonade by the beach showing a post holiday workout

Hiking Anywhere in the Country 

Israel is known for its compact size. You can easily access a variety of natural scenes to hike so you can have a diverse workout routine. By immersing yourself in Israel’s nature, you can benefit from an effective exercise session as well. Hiking through Israel gives you the opportunity to connect to the land, get fresh air and maybe even learn local history. Clearly, nature has a positive impact on your mental health. So, why not enjoy the best of all worlds? No natural aspect of Israel is out of reach. The combination of getting fit, losing weight, and traveling Israel is the ultimate trifecta for a healthy living. And the cost to do so is minimal to none!

a group of young hikers taking a picture with the north of Israel view in the back

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