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5 [Sababa] Reasons to Get You Pumped for Your Year in Israel

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Congrats! You just finished high school and are about to embark on an exciting gap year in Israel— THE place for all things spiritual. Just imagine! You’ll be walking the streets of the very land G-d Himself promised the Jewish people, so you can find on every street corner… Falafel! Shawarma! Hummus! Oh the possibilities! But the period leading up to that first shawarma bite is both exciting AND nerve wrecking at the same time. So here are 5 reasons to keep you pumped till it’s time to board the plane to this spiritual bliss…

students taking a gap year in Israel fly in El Al airplane

1. Culinary Delight

Whatever you know about Israeli food today—forget about it! Israel will expose you to a plethora of authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary escapades you had yet to discover. The portions are HUGE which are hands down the best investment you will make all year. Oh and by the way, if you’re worried about the excess calories, don’t be. ‘Cuz anyways you’ll be walking a lot. EVERYWHERE.

A guy buying falafel in a falafel stand in israel for culinary delight

2. Refine Your Spoken Hebrew

Israel is the perfect place to get your hands dirty with your Yallas, Sababas, and Yehye Tovs! Your Hebrew skills will definitely improve drastically as you spend more time amongst the locals. And if you’ve made a mistake, no worries, Israelis will be happy to correct you so they can, too, practice their own English.

flash cards with hebrew words to refine spoken hebrew

3. Expand Your Comfort Zone

Make way for your global adaptability, because (brace yourselves) you WILL face new life situations in a different country. A country full of… wait for it… ISRAELIS! Let’s admit it, if you find a line of people waiting patiently to get their coffee, you probably passed through the wrong border control. Embrace the prospect that you’ll be testing your limits, because that PATIENCE will definitely be one of them. No worries though, you will feel the Israeli love too. A LOT of it.

guy doing an italian gesture with his hands and asking for patience

4. Israeli Love

Israel is a melting pot of culture, history, and political diversity. You’ll be living among Israeli residents from all walks of life. There, you will zoom in to their lives and get introduced to a familial nation that will keep an eye out for your wellbeing. We’re one big Mishpucha! Oh, the Israeli love… So if you thought you’d have a year-long vacation from being parented… guess again!

all hands together to show diverse israeli love

5. Space to Take It Easy and Chill

For the past 11 odd years, your face was stuck in a book, getting you ready for exams that’ll determine your academic career. But now you can let loose, because this year your face will be reacquainted with the sun! You’ll have countless options to swim in the Mediterranean, hike the Golan Heights, and have broken-Hebrew conversations with new Israeli friends! So kick back and relax, you have an entire year till you’re officially a grown up!

a person floating in the sea during sunset chilling and relaxing


Spending a year in Israel is the optimal place where you’ll find a wealth of spiritual growth, great culinary variety, and just all around good times! To get more amusing Israeli “inside information” subscribe to our monthly newsletter below and join the fun!

Arielle Dadon
Arielle Dadon
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