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Israel’s Guide To The Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream Spots


Summer is no stranger in Israel. Where the sun shines on most days of the year, you have to find ways to keep yourself cool. And what better way to do that than ice-cream? We can’t think of one. Gone are the days when you simply had to choose between chocolate and vanilla. As part of the culinary revolution the world is undergoing nowadays, vegan ice-cream had changed immensely. Complex and strange flavors, interesting textures, prime materials – these are now cornerstones of a good ice-cream parlor. Here are the best vegan places in Israel to lick some sweet and savory ice-cream.

what to choose?


Mousseline: Always Fresh Always Local

“Mousseline-Jerusalem” is a boutique ice cream parlor, with a distinctly French orientation; offering a selection of fine French ice creams and fresh fruit sorbets. Along with the traditional (excellent) flavors of vanilla-coffee-chocolate, you can find in Mousseline unusual flavors such as; black sesame ice cream, Matcha ice cream, wasabi, saffron ice cream, and chai masala ice cream.Among the sorbets you can enjoy grapefruit basil, sour cherry sorbet, coconut, lemonade and more.They are known for their sorbets that are freshly made from fresh fruit, peeled, cut, squeezed, ground and filtered by hand. They only use locally grown fruits that are provided to them by local farmers: red and black raspberries, passion fruit, mango, sabras and cherries.

Kosher Rabbanut Jerusalem

a taste of italy

Gela: Re-Inventing Ice-Cream

Gela is a unique chain located in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in that are completely vegan, although you wouldn’t know it. The creamy, flavor-packed ice creams offered are so delicious, they will trick you into thinking you’re eating dairy. Offering 18 flavors that rotate by the season, Gela makes innovative almond-milk based creations including saffron and pistachio, chestnut, coffee, Oreo, and cherry chocolate. Gela serves Belgian waffles, crepes, pancakes, and more heavenly desserts, proving that vegans can enjoy the same gourmet snacks that taste just as good as the “real thing.” So grab that vegan or Kosher friend who always skips ice cream outings and beat the heat with a scoop or three of Gela ice cream.

Not only do they offer vegan ice cream they offer vegan desserts and vegan frozen yogurt.

Kosher Rabbanut Jerusalem

gone vegan

Tel Aviv:

Cookeez: Not Your Ordinary Ice-Cream

Why eat only cookies or ice cream when you can eat them together? Cookies = two cookies and ice cream in the middle, it doesn’t get better than that! Cookeez is an amazing place for ice cream and cookies in the heart of Tel Aviv and let’s face it, there is nothing better than strolling along the streets of Tel Aviv on a hot summer’s day and getting a takeaway cup of cookies and ice cream. The best part is, you don’t have to decide for one or the other – just get a typical Cookeez sandwich, consisting of two cookies of your choice and a ball of ice cream in the middle! Cookeez is a delectable treat. Cookeez offers dairy-free and gluten-free options, allowing everyone to enjoy its magic! For those just looking for a small snack, order a plain cookie or a cup of ice cream, but we recommend the ice-cream sandwich combination. Take-away boxes of cookies are also available, perfect for your next party or Shabbat dinner.


ice cream and a cookie?

Gelato Factory: A Taste Of Italy

Gelato is my secret pleasure in Sarona Food Market, and one of the best ice creams in Tel Aviv. The shop has a unique vintage-looking fully-functioning ice cream making machine on the wall, and their ice cream is delish! They also serve vegan ice cream, frozen yogurt and several ice cream desserts! Worth saving a bit of space for when in having a meal in Sarona.This cute and relatively new parlor has some really tasty ice cream, all of which is made from ingredients imported from a small manufacturer in Sicily. Gelato Factory’s ice cream is made on-site daily, and the ice cream is light and creamy. There are also plenty of options for vegans, including soy-based ice cream and sorbet. Additionally, the shop sells desserts such as waffles, milkshakes and natural frozen yogurt with different toppings. Try the coconut ice cream with berries for a refreshing treat.


the best ice cream in israel

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If you know of other awesome vegan places  please share them in the comments, we’d love to hear about them.

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