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IDF, Technology and Education

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Education in the IDF

Located in southern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces’ largest military training base is home to a variety of military courses. The base is nicknamed “Training Base City” because of its size. In recent years, the IDF has made military education breakthroughs in several fields.

female soldiers in the israel idf ropes

3D videos are in place in order for the soldiers to experience and learn properly. An armored vehicle simulator prepares military drivers for their task. Dolls that bleed and even scream are used for the medic courses. An app films the soldiers, allowing their commanders to later comment on their performance.

idf soldiers in training looking through their binoculars at the idf training base city during training

3D printers are used to create props like guns and body parts, the real objects being too expensive or dangerous. As the soldiers may encounter the real thing during service, it is important that the printed item look authentic. Using high-end technology, the IDF trains its soldiers sufficiently and prepares them fully for their respective mission and service.

female soldiers train at the Israel Defense Forces' military training


This city of Training Bases serves as just one example of how the IDF uses technology to train and prepare soldiers for their military tasks. We look forward to seeing many more Israeli military innovations of this kind.

Click here for the full article on the IDF’s blog.

Shira Koenigsberg
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira is American-Israeli and currently lives in Jerusalem. She enjoys yoga, red wine, and good books. Her literary influences include JK Rowling, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Dylan, and Dr Seuss.


  1. I & P Koenigsberg says:

    IDF ‘s efforts are very impressive.

    But that writer is S U P E R !!!

  2. L Rosenzweig says:

    May Hashem bless the IDF and protect them against all our enemies.

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