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Beautiful Art of Israel

Israel has always been known for its plethora of artists and unique styles of artistry. It's not surprising that a country filled with so much history and beauty produces such exquisite craftsmanship. Following are just a few of the incredibly talented artists based in Israel.

Kalman Safrut

First and foremost a Sofer, or scribe, Kalman creates beautiful designs out of Hebrew letters. The foundation of his art is traditional Jewish calligraphy, and from there he gets creative: shapes and colors prevail. Kalman's purpose is to show the world the power of the Alef Bet, the Hebrew letters.
Keep up with Kalman's art and creative workshops on his Facebook page.


Jason Kipp recently finished his MA in design from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. His line of 3D printed creations is called Blue Print Rings. The rings depict various city landscapes from around the world. A tribute to the different cultures and their architecture, Jason has so far produced tiny little versions of Istanbul, Berlin, Jerusalem, Tzfat, Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York.
See more at Jason's Facebook page or his Etsy shop page.


Cindy Richard is an award winning fabric artist. She makes portraits out of fabric and thread, in an attempt to show Israel in a beautiful and positive light. Cindy designed and made a quilt for singer Neil Diamond and his wife as a commissioned wedding gift. In 2013 one of Cindy's quilts was chosen to be displayed in France's International Quilt Festival.
See Cindy's artwork on her website or at her Etsy shop page.

Solomon Souza Kohn

Solomon is a freelance street artist who works primarily with spray paint. A video about his Shuk Project won second place in the Israel Video Network's contest. His team aims to bring together the different aspects of Israeli culture to one place, Mahane Yehuda market. Solomon wishes to educate the public on the figures who rebuilt the land, and to inspire the continuation of the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Check out the video or take a look at Solomon's website.

Tzfat Glass

Sheva Chaya is a glass blower and painter based in the Kabbalistic city of Tzfat. Her mission is to awaken and delight people worldwide with art connected to spiritual teachings. She wishes to encourage Israel to stand proud and honest, and to awaken the world to the greatness of Israel through its art, people, and land.
See more of her amazing work here.
Working alongside Sheva Chaya is Avigail Sapir, an ambitious young artist. Avigail's art includes Kabbalistic paintings, glass jewelry, and more. Check out her incredible stuff on her Facebook page.
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira is American-Israeli and currently lives in Jerusalem. She enjoys yoga, red wine, and good books. Her literary influences include JK Rowling, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Dylan, and Dr Seuss.


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