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Israel loves all of its soldiers. However, there is one special group of volunteers who have left behind their lives abroad and committed themselves to military service. These volunteers are known as Lone Soldiers, and our appreciation for them is boundless. Here are a few non-profit organizations in place to assist lone soldiers.

The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin

The Lone Soldier Center was founded in memory of lone soldier Michael Levin who was killed during battle in the Second Lebanon War. Since 2009, the Center has hosted Shabbat meals for lone soldiers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This not only ensures the soldiers get fed warm meals, but also creates a loving and supportive community for them. The Center also delivers basic necessities to the apartments of lone soldiers, and provides military gear when needed. Get more information here.

IDF soldiers in the field in military vehicles with beautiful cloudy sky

Chayaleinu – Empowerment and Integration

Founded by new immigrant Gila Bublick, Chayaleinu strives to help former lone soldiers acclimate into civilian life in Israel. This includes getting through the bureaucratic governmental procedures, applying and getting accepted into university, finding a place to live, and finally, getting a first job. Chayaleinu’s mission is to be there with them during the process, and provide support both emotionally and physically. The organization helps lone Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers as well.

female IDF soldier with gun

Chayal El Chayal – The Lone Soldier’s Home

As opposed to an office or center, Chayal el Chayal is a home with an open door policy. Located in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot, this home features a dormitory for the lone soldiers to sleep in while off duty. In addition, CEC delivers care packages to soldiers in the field, hosts regular events, and runs a laundry service where soldiers may do their laundry after a week or two on base. Read more on their website.

A group of IDF soldiers with full gear and war painted faces

Lone Soldiers’ Home Beit Shemesh

Initiated by Anglo-Saxon Beit Shemesh residents, this home houses 10 soldiers and is equipped with everything a young man could ask for. In addition, the community members are glad to host the soldiers for Shabbat meals and help out with cooking and laundry. Holiday events are also organized, and each of the soldiers is provided with an adopted family in the area. This home has been operating since November 2015, and is in partnership with the Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center. Check out the website for more.

IDF soldiers in B uniforms having a picnic in the park

It’s great to see such a positive initative, both from the soldiers and the people behind these organizations! 

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Shira Koenigsberg
Shira Koenigsberg
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