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March 13, 2018
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Must Have Survival Guide For Celebrating Passover in Israel


You most likely already know that Passover is known for, four cups of wine, getting together with friends and family, some time off of work and school. It’s undeniably an awesome holiday. But there’s a lot that you may not know about how to celebrate Passover in Israel. But fear not! Because we have you covered.

Whether you’re coming to Israel hold your dream Passover seder, or just want to enjoy the atmosphere during this week-long holiday, here’s why you need to spend this Passover in Israel!  Hint hint— kosher for Passover hamburger buns.

so which do you prefer on your matza?

1.  In Israel almost everyone eats like a Sephardi in Israel during Passover. More and more Ashkenazim are adapting to the Sephardi laws for Passover, consuming Kitniyot (seeds, legumes and various grains) during the holiday: fresh young fava and peas that are in season, hummus, tahini, rice, corn. The holiday  is already looking up.

thank you hummus

  1. And… the dream came true, Burger King made it! During Passover, the Kosher branches of the American chain created a special menu! All their food is 100% Kosher for Passover.The Whopper King invented an innovative recipe to offer burgers made with kosher for Passover bread, you barely see and taste the difference!

The king is back for passover

3. In addition to the aforementioned fast food joints, you can actually find real restaurants (not just a couple – many!) that serve kosher for Passover food. And that includes Italian restaurants that serve pasta, pizza and bruschetta, all made of potato starch and cornstarch. So if you suffer from a wheat allergy this is your time to live it up.

yes you can have sushi this passover

4. Bakeries make seriously fabulous Passover cakes, parve versions included. What would you think about ending the Seder with a parve hazelnut espresso cake with dark chocolate mousse? Or an almond based cake topped with layers of milk chocolate mousse and caramel mousse? And passion fruit cheesecake?


5. You don’t need to have family in Israel to enjoy a seder. If you don’t have family here fear not, you will most definitely get adopted into someone’s seder.

no oleh left behind

6.  Even if you choose to stick to matza only, the variety in Israel is huge and includes gluten free, spelt, whole wheat, rye, onion-flavored potato starch, matza dipped in chocolate and candy – you can even get chocolate bars with matza pieces!

matza matza and more matza

6. If you’re on a gluten-free diet this is the time to fill your suitcase with gluten-free delicacies, such as chocolate wafers, cakes, cookies, pretzels, breadcrumbs, pasta and a variety of cereal – all kosher for [Passover]. Believe me I stock up on all sorts of delicious goodies for my daughter for the rest of the year! It’s a celiacs heaven.


But the absolute best part about spending Passover in Israel is the unique  positive energy buzzing around you. Even the buses say “Pesach Sameach” (Happy Passover)It’s amazing how every person, every company, and industry take part in wishing the Jewish people a happy holiday.


Chag Kasher V’Sameach! Happy Passover!



Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
Beth is a former Upper Westsider, who made aliyah 8 years ago. She is a coffee addict and a lover of classical rock. Beth is the content and marketing manager at talknsave, in that order.

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