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Here’s How You Can Enjoy Matzo For All Of Passover

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Warning: trigger post ahead:  Passover is imminent.

Many of us are dreading a week of making matzo, the staple of our diet. Matzah is also known as “the bread of affliction,” and I’m pretty sure it’s because by day three or so you’re convinced that matzo is the 11th plague.eek.

This year let’s  be different. Rather than bemoan our chametz-eating friends who take buttered rolls, bowls of cereals, even pizza for granted, let’s make a  vow to appreciate matzo for its culinary versatility.

No, matzo won’t ever take the place of yeast-filled meals, but there’s certainly some ingenious work to be done in the kitchen! With a little creativity and these truly delicious recipes, you can actually enjoy matzo (or matzah) for the entirety of Passover. In fact, most of these dishes are so good that I’m betting you’ll find yourself making them throughout the rest of the year—not just when leavened products are taboo.


Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Brei: Matzo Brei with Roasted Peppers, Olives & Parsley

Typically, matzo brei is made with eggs and a bit of seasoning. Many people I know use cinnamon and sugar, but that’s not my cup of tea. My dad makes matzo brei with salt, pepper, dill, and a generous amount of oil for frying. Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Brei: Matzo Brei with Roasted Peppers, Olives & Parsley. This is a great dish to make for brunch or for breakfast. You can serve it as is or with a side of salad. The dish keeps well in the refrigerator for a few days, so you can continue to enjoy eating it as leftovers for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Crazy Matzah Brie

Matzo Cheese Blintzes

Blintzes are the ultimate in Jewish comfort food, so there’s no reason you should go without during Passover. These are made with matzo cake meal (the most flour-like of matzo products); for a savory variation, omit the sugar in the filling.

The sweetest blintzes

Amazing Matzo Granola

Let’s be honest—nobody has the time to make a hot breakfast every single morning of Passover. I’m lucky if I have time to schmear some cream cheese on a sheet of matzo and eat it as I’m running out the door! So this make-ahead, Passover-friendly granola and give you a weekday break from hectic breakfast prep.

Go Granola Go Green

Lemon Saffron Matzo Ball Soup

Do you want to “brighten up” the traditional flavors of matzo ball chicken soup a bit. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’ll take a bowl of matzo ball soup any day, but imagine just how adding a touch of lemon zest: it would be amazing!  You can also add a touch of saffron to the matzo ball mixture. The flavors of the dried lemon simmering in the pot is just beautiful. If you want you can also added lemon zest in the mixture which is also one of my favorite ingredients to use.

Lemon Fusion Matzo Ball Soup

Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Balls

Well no offense to your Bubbe’s matzo balls but bland is sooo yesterday. Why not step it up a notch this year and go crazy deep frying them. And as a step up from horseradish, try adding some spicy wasabi into the sauce. (Maybe turning them neon green) Why are you waiting go and get started on these Deep Fried Matzo/Matzah Balls with Wasabi Cream Sauce!

Put A Kick In Your Passover

Matzo Meal-Crusted Chicken Cutlets

If chicken nuggets are the center of your child’s culinary universe, you may worry that she will starve during Passover when the breading on the little poultry packets makes them verboten.

Fear not! Here is a simple and delicious recipe for matzo meal-crusted chicken cutlets that will satisfy even the pickiest toddler. You can even use a cookie cutter to make the cutlets into nugget-like shapes (do this before you dip them into the egg).

Matzo Schnitzel---Delecious

Flourless Chocolate Soufflé Cake… Passover or Not

Flourless chocolate cake: The very words convey richness. This version has the light texture of a souffle, due to firmly beaten egg whites. Combining bittersweet chocolate and just a bit of unsweetened, it offers pure, intense chocolate flavor. A drift of whipped cream is the perfect accompaniment.

Melt In Your Mouth Souffle

There’s no question that having to survive a week without bread, pasta, or even legumes can drive you crazy. But these recipes can help break up your matzo monotony and bring some variation and downright delicious flavor to your Passover week.

B’tayavon (Hebrew for bon appètit), and Happy Passover!

Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
Beth is a former Upper Westsider, who made aliyah 8 years ago. She is a coffee addict and a lover of classical rock. Beth is the content and marketing manager at talknsave, in that order.

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