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Chanukkah provides space for quality time with the kids. Which means parents are in need of ideas to keep the kids busy for these 8 days of Festival of Lights! Dad in Israel, our guest blogger, was happy to provide some suggestions for the whole family to enjoy!

Chanukkah With the Kids?

Dad in Isreal Tells You Where to Take Them

Channukah is coming which means one thing. Vacation!

So, if you are one of those lucky dads who gets a Chanukkah vacation, or manages to take a few days off, here are a few places where the whole family can enjoy.

Channukah at Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumim is a biblical landscape reserve right outside of Modiin and it offers activities for the whole family. After parking, you can take your kids to the activity site which includes a myriad of activities. Activities like learning about the Hebrew that was used in the Hasmonean era, or arts and crafts that were popular back then. Additionally, they can enjoy playing riddles about the Hashmoniam, and more.

When your activities end, then you can go on a short walk of the landscapes with a Madrich (i.e. guide). Your Madrich will point out the historical significance of the area and show you how the Hashmonaim once lived. In addition to being fun, this tour is also free! This helps to make it the perfect activity to bring more meaning to Chanukah!

Want to learn more? See their website

Channukah - Neot Kedumim

Channukah in Ancient Shilo

Outside of modern day Shilo, is the Ancient Shilo park. The park is built to celebrate the resting place of the Mishkan, and throughout the park, there are amazing activities for kids to enjoy.

In addition, they have a beautiful 3D hologram of the ancient Mishkan and an amazing movie that your kids will love.

The park itself celebrates the Festival of Lights by bringing in activities for children in addition to their everyday attractions. The theme during Channukah will be “Bringing Those days – Today”! With extra activities especially for the holiday, Ancient Shiloh is a destination that you won’t want to miss!

Want to learn more? Check out their website!

Channukah - Ancient Shiloh

Channukah at Einot Tzukim (Ein Fascha)

Einot Tzukim is a beautiful oasis near the Dead Sea and it is the perfect place to go with your kids. Especially if they love playing in water.

For Chanukah, Einot Tzukim the Israel Nature and Parks Authority will be conducting tours in the area. The theme will be about the types of wicks that can be made and from what type of plants. The tour will culminate in the lighting of a very special Menorah at the end.

The area is beautiful and is worth the hour car ride from Jerusalem. This is guaranteed to be an activity that all your kids will enjoy.

Read more on their website

Channukah - Einot Tzukim

Channukah in Migdal David

Migdal David is an iconic site at the entrance to the Old City in Jerusalem. Inside you can find a beautiful well kept museum. The part I love most is how you can climb to the top of the tower. There you have an amazing view of all of Jerusalem.

This Channukah the museum is bringing in special activities just for children, and they can enjoy a scavenger hunt, play dress-up, and more!

See more on their website

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