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Silent Partner for a Quiet Life

Read some updated information about Silent Partner and QuietLife Technologies here.

Silent Partner for a Quiet Life

In November of 2015, QuietLife Technologies launched an Indiegogo campaign. Their goal was to raise $40,000 in 60 days. By the end of the allotted time they had exceeded the goal and reached a sum of $270,000. In the following nine months, $1.4 million had been raised. To top it off, the company was also awarded a grant from the Chief Scientist of Israel, Avi Hasson.

So what is QuietLife Technologies?

QuietLife Technologies is an Israeli startup whose purpose is to improve quality of life. Their first product, Silent Partner, is the world's first technology-based solution to snoring. This device can quiet snoring and improve quality of sleep. The way it works is simple: the device detects the sound waves and emits a counter-active sound wave that will quiet the sound of snoring. Silent Partner was designed to be effective from even just 20 centimeters away.
Silent Partner is comfortable and non-intrusive. This is unique in the market, being that many pre-existing snoring products are uncomfortable and disrupt sleep. It is also easy to use. Silent Partner is guaranteed to stay in place with its hypo-allergenic adhesive. A new design called the SmartMask is for those who don't like the adhesive. It has a band similar to that of a standard eye mask.
Although QuietLife Technologies is an Israeli startup, a quarter of the team are new Olim. Bringing their experience with them from North America, they combined an American business mentality and Israeli technology for successful results. The company is driven to improve quality of life in many aspects, sleep being just the beginning.
Join the movement by pre-ordering your Silent Partner or check out their Facebook page!
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira Koenigsberg
Shira is American-Israeli and currently lives in Jerusalem. She enjoys yoga, red wine, and good books. Her literary influences include JK Rowling, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Bob Dylan, and Dr Seuss.


  1. I & P Koenigsberg says:

    great style and pretty picture, too

  2. L Rosenzweig says:

    WOW!!! This sounds so amazing! I think I need to get this for dad. It seems like it can really help him a lot.

  3. Keith Dawson says:

    This is deceptive and total BS. Quiet life does not have an elegant nose piece technology/solution. Rather they have changed to an proposed bulky face mask. Also their funding campaign on Indiegogo is a scam. They are not answering to many contributors who want their money back for being deceptive. Look into this Shira! They are putting a black mark on legitimate and worthy Israeli companies.

  4. PapaBee says:

    I pre-ordered one and the website just hung (Feb 18th). I waited a while then tried again. It resulted in a charge for two. The next day my credit card was hacked. I never received either invoice. They claim there was a web issue that weekend and claim to be refunding one. But it is now March 3rd and neither the refund or invoice has shown up. Maybe best to wait until you see it in the store or via a major seller.

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