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How To Survive A Year In Israel: Top Must Have Israeli Snacks

Best Snacks


So You have been in Israel for a few weeks, and have run out of your favorite food products that you brought with you. Now what? You have decided to take the leap and brave an Israeli supermarket. Here are some things that I have learned along the way that might make things easier for you, whether you are here for a few weeks or a full year.

Top 9 Israeli Snacks That you Can’t Live Without



A  marshmallow, cookie and chocolate confection that’s ubiquitous in the winter and nowhere to be found in the summer. Comes in mocha and vanilla, in 8 and 40-packs.



This Israeli snack is made from peanut-butter flavored puffed maize. It contains no cholesterol, preservatives or food coloring and is a staple in every snack lovers drawer .



Bissli, Osem:

These are crunchy snack bites that resemble pasta, there are six flavors—grill, barbeque, onion, pizza, falafel and Mexican. Each flavor comes in a different shape, newcomers to the snack are often put off by the brown color of these bite-size wheat snacks. But, Israeli’s swear by them, so go ahead and give them a shot.




PRETZELS, Beigel & Beigel:

Israeli pretzels comes in sticks, figure eights, circles and triangle-square-circle mix packs, and flavors including salted, sesame seeds and salt, cream-cheese-onion, chili, cinnamon-honey and chocolate-covered.


KLIK, Strauss-Elite, Klik chocolate snacks come in little packets with pieces of chocolate-covered-something from cookies to cornflakes, pretzels to wafers. If you love your breakfast cereal and want it as a snack than this is for you.


MILKY, Milky is no ordinary chocolate pudding but rather the most successful dairy product on the Israeli market since its debut in 1979. The pudding with a secret whipped cream topping (only five people know the recipe) is the holy grail of dessert snack foods. Since then, Milky has added a strawberry flavor, vanilla pudding, upside down milky, extra cream, mini milky and milky with chocolate candies.


Pesek-Zman, (Time Out) is the Israeli answer to the KitKat. Today, there are mini versions, thicker candy bars, basketball-shaped bars and tablets with cream-filled chocolate fingers. The chocolate coating comes in white, dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Peseq Zman

So What Is Your Favorite? Please take the time and try them all. I can’t wait to hear from you . Please vote!

Beth Zuckerman
Beth Zuckerman
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