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Delightful DIY Tu’Beshvat Chocolate Lollipops

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The holiday of Tu B’shevat is a celebration of nature, agriculture and the changing of seasons. In Israel, Tu B’Shevat is heralded by the white blossoms bursting from the bare branches of the almond trees, filling the air with the sweet perfume of spring. Tu B’Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, is celebrated with fruits and nuts that have been gathered and saved from the summer harvest. Many Israeli families will be enjoying a variety of outdoors activities to mark the beginning of spring.
In honor of this beautiful holiday, it is traditional in Israel to eat fruits and grains that come from the land of Israel, particularly of the “Shivat Minnim,” the seven biblical species: Wheat – Chita, Barley – Se’orah, Grapes – Anavim, Fig – Te’enah, Pomegranate – Rimmon, Olive – Zayit and last but not least Honey – D’vash.


Seven Species Of Israel



I recall, every year in school we’d get these little baggies filled with unidentifiable dried fruit. Aside from those baggies and some new fruit at dinner that night, there wasn’t much to celebrate. Are you wondering how you can make Tu B’shvat more festive? How about making these delightful dried fruit chocolate lollipops because everything tastes better with chocolate? These DIY Dried Fruit and Chocolate Lollipops are super cute and, even better, their super easy to make; they are done and ready to be eaten in 1 hour and 20 minutes tops.



Tu'Beshvat Foodie Explosion


To start:

Choose the dried fruit that you want in your chocolate lollipops. I recommend that in honor of Tu’Bshvat to also choose some of Israel’s incredible 7 species to incorporate into your lollipop.


Can You Name The Dried Fruit?


What You Need:

Lollipop Molds

In order to make the chocolate lollipops, you’re going to need lollipop molds. You can usually buy these at craft stores, big-box stores like Target or through websites like Amazon. When you’re just getting started, you may want to stick with molds that will look great in a single color.  Just make sure when making your selection to double check the molds for chocolates and molds for chocolate lollipops. The lollipop molds will have a small space for the stick. Those are the ones you want.



Simple Ways To Make Chocolate



Then arrange some of the dried fruit and nuts into the bottom of the chocolate mold.



What Comes First? It's The Toppings!



Put your lollipop sticks in.


The Lollipop Sticks Seal The Deal



Then, melt some high quality chocolate with some coconut oil in the microwave and pour the melted chocolate into the mold.



Did You Add The Chocolate?



Top the back of the lollipops with dried fruit too. Making them double sided will be perfect.



Double The Fun!



Then, tap the mold against your surface gently for all the chocolate to smooth and set in place. Place the molds in the freezer for 35-40 minutes until hardened. (if you can wait that long… I may or may not have pulled mine out around 5 minutes too early).



Freeze and Enjoy



Remove the molds from the freezer. Gently pop them out of the molds. Repeat if desired, either in a different color or just to make more!

You can also use some ribbon to make these lollipops a little more pretty (if you want). You really can do anything you like with these DIY Dried Fruit and Chocolate Lollipops.

I hope that this recipe will provide a welcome addition to your own Tu B’Shevat table, and I would love to hear about some of your own Tu B’Shevat food traditions or about the recipes you decided to prepare this year.


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