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What do you call a place that has vast natural terrains, a hopping social scene, rich career-advancing opportunities, and a diverse abundance of culture, religion, and history? That’s right: AWESOME… or in its official name: Israel. Whether you’ll be staying in Israel for a long or short term, you’ll definitely be returning home with richer life experience you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Explorer’s Ecstasy

Israel’s major plus of being as small as the size of New Jersey lies in the easy access you’ll have to its major landmarks. Its diverse sceneries will definitely excite your inner explorer. You’ll experience the fascinating Negev desert in the south, or hike the beautiful green landscapes of the Galilee in the North. You’ll walk the flowering gardens of the Bahai, float in the Dead Sea (the world’s lowest point), and of course, lounge on Israel’s beautiful beaches. If you’ve traveled the world, you know that getting from place to place can take long tiresome hours. But in Israel, wherever you decide to go, your destination will only be a few minutes to a short couple of hours away.

hiking in israel

2. Networking and Professional Growth

This is old news, but important: Israel is THE world’s Startup Nation and the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. It has become the motherland of entrepreneurship and innovation in both STEM fields and Liberal Arts. No matter what’s your area of interest, you’re likely to find an array of career advancing opportunities through lectures and Meetup events to choose from. There are also countless Facebook groups you can join to keep you up to speed with events that suit you. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with locals and build professional networks. Thanks to the globalization age we live in, you can take these networks back home with you and revisit them when needed– Israelis love international connections!

networking with people from around the world in israel- the silicon valley in the middle east

3. Social Prosperity

Israel is a state of immigrants with a continual growth of its English speaking groups. So naturally, you will find a variety of activities initiated by olim that’ll give you a sense of community, like: English speaking improv groups, language exchange meetups to practice Hebrew, social board game nights, various events held by olim-friendly synagogues, and much more. Israel has a way for connecting people. So, whether or not you decide to stay in Israel permanently, you’re guaranteed to make friends for life.

friends meeting in israel expanding their social circle

4. Spiritual Bliss

Israelis are known to be tough, so naturally, the Israeli atmosphere is intense as a result. But once the country hits the Jewish holidays, the atmosphere drastically changes and the whole country winds down. The holiday seasons in Israel showcase the authenticity of Israeli culture which is rooted in its Jewish traditions and familial orientation. Most public amenities close down and public services are unavailable (like public transportation) since everyone is at home with their loved ones celebrating their Jewish identity. You will experience a spiritual awakening that takes over a whole country… but this is the type of thing that you need to see in order to believe!

spirituality in israel holiday seasons

The influence Israel will have on you is a meaningful one and will provide you with effective benefits: You’ll enjoy the vastness of its nature, connect you to people, and give you a sense of divinity that only Israel could offer. A trip worth experiencing.

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